Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My 5 Go-To Healthy Lunch Staples

I think healthy lunches could quite possibly be one of the hardest things to plan. Sure, I can make a whole bunch of healthy meals when I'm at home. But on the go, it's so much harder to figure out exactly what I want to take. You have to think about what resources you will have at work, school, etc... Plus, you have to get proportions right and plan ahead.Leftovers are always nice, but you don't always have enough for the week.

I have a few lunch ideas that I keep in my back pocket....Just in case! These recipes contain ingredients that I almost always have on hand. They are things that I can whip up rather quickly at home in the morning or at the office. You should always plan at least a couple lunches ahead, but if you have these staples, you will never be left buying food you'll regret later.

1. Mix & Match Salad.
I always have some sort of lettuce in my fridge. Spinach, mixed greens, kale or whatever is fresh at my local farmers market. You can make a lot of different leftovers into a salad. I also always keep shredded chicken, tomatoes, chopped veggies and a couple different dressings in the fridge. I'll add some fruit or more veggies on the side, and I'm good to go!

2. Avocado Tuna Salad.
Tuna is easy to keep in the cabinet. I usually buy a couple packets here and there. I take a half an avocado and mix that with the tuna to create a salad. Then you can add tomatoes or anything else you like. If you do not like tuna, shredded chicken will work or even some chopped hard boiled eggs. This healthy fat and protein recipe will keep you full for hours.

3.  Veggie Burger.
Veggie burgers are packed with nutrients. Most you can keep in the freezer and pull out whenever you want to add them to a meal. Bring some hard boiled eggs or green veggies to put on the side, and you've got yourself a meal. My trick to making the veggie burgers the best, is to pop them in the toaster. Usually you don't have an oven around, and the toaster gives the burgers a grill taste.

4. Apple & Almond Butter Sandwiches.
A healthy alternative to the PB&J sandwich, these little numbers have a satisfying crunch and delicious taste. Slice the apple in large, thin slices, spread some almond butter  and add some dried cranberries or a few sunflower seeds. This is something I go for, when I'm just looking for something different. Something a little sweet and tangy. Be sure to add a small side of veggies as well!

5. Turkey or Ham Veggie Wraps.
A small container of lunch meat is always nice to have on hand. Whether adding it to a morning omelette, or making these veggie wraps, this protein can come in handy. Depending on the thickness of the slice, lay out one or two pieces of meat flat, add any veggie to the center (I like long thin strips of cucumber, zucchini or bell pepper), add condiments such as mustard or paleo mayo, and roll into a wrap. You can use a toothpick to keep it together or lay the wrap on the seam. Take a banana or some fresh berries as a side.

What do you keep on hand for emergency meals??

Until next time...

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