Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday in Funcie

Well the holiday weekend is over...and it's Monday again... the weekend is never long enough. However, I can't complain, because we did have a wonderful weekend. Jeremy, Dizzy and I traveled back home (Muncie, IN) this past weekend, to celebrate the 4th with family. We had a really wonderful time, and ate some delicious food.

For Independence Day, we went to Minnetrista. My mom and I put together some delicious paleo salads, and we had a picnic with the family. My mom plays clarinet for America's Hometown Band, (she was a band director for many years) and they played a lovely concert on the green. After the concert, there was a fireworks show! I was very impressed. The show was done to music, and very well done at that.

There are now cows behind my parents house. Dizzy enjoyed greeting them every day.

Jeremy and I always love visiting the local coffee shop, while back in Muncie. 
Downtown is really coming along!

 We celebrated Jeremy's mom's birthday while we were there too! It was great to be able to see the other side of our family as well.

Fruit skewers we made to take to our dinner picnic.

Picnic at Minnetrista! Food items included Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Fruit Skewers & my mom's 3-Bean Salad. YUM!

 I really do have too much fun with my family! lol We have such a good time together.

We came back to the Queen City Sunday morning, after a great weekend. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday :) It's hard to get back into that groove, but stay positive!

 Until next time...

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